We’re here to make cybersecurity fun.

You already know how important cybersecurity is. Now it’s time to make it user-friendly, engaging – and dare we say it – fun!

Cybersecurity is confusing to users. Let’s change that.

Modern cybersecurity advice is often complex, leaving non-tech users and small businesses exposed to risks. Critical practices aren’t widely adopted, leading to unnecessary vulnerabilities and threats such as data breaches and identity theft.

Loistava Information Security is here to change that – we’re turning essential security advice into physical, user-friendly products for everyone.

Check out our upcoming products now to learn how you can make cybersecurity simple.

Upcoming Products


Fun, kinetic, and colorful, CASTALOT® Dice is a matching set of 14 large dice that brings simplicity to cybersecurity. When rolled together, they create modern, secure passwords composed of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

Perfect for anyone, no cybersecurity expertise is required – just roll the dice to generate your secure password! With these dice, password creation becomes an easy and hassle-free process.


Say goodbye to cryptic and hard-to-remember passwords with GhentWare™, the world’s first physical DiceWare™ kit. Each elegant, beautifully crafted kit includes a stand-up pouch, an instruction book with an improved word list, helpful worksheets, and five stunning number dice for creating ultra-strong passphrases.

Share your passion for DiceWare™ with friends, family, clients, and co-workers. With GhentWare™, securing your accounts becomes an engaging, interactive experience.

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