Physical products make cybersecurity more accessible.

Information security is vitally important. And the information security industry provides fantastic advice.

But there’s been some difficulty finding a bridge which connects that great advice and the non-technical consumers and small business people who need it.

We think the missing element in this entire dynamic is . . . physicality. Something people can actually hold in their hands — a physical product that can grab, focus and hold the non-technical consumer’s attention long enough for something good to happen.

How This Helps You

Imagine giving an information security workshop, where participants are engaged with a physical product that moves, is colorful, creates sound, something they instantly understand, a new product that’s familiar, with a twist.

Imagine watching the face of the attendees in your workshop light up with enjoyment and understanding as they use these products to create strong authentication credentials for themselves.

Everyone’s Learning Style Is Different

Tactile (or kinesthetic) learners grasp new concepts most effectively by physically touching or actively trying something new. Sometimes referred to as “multi-sensory learning,” adding physical products to your workshops and presentations supercharges the learning experience.

Participants in your events will learn not only by hearing or seeing, they’ll complete their learning by trying it out themselves. This tactile approach is hands-on, focused primarily on a learner trying for themselves as an avenue to more thoroughly internalizing these cybersecurity best practices.

Physical Products To Connect With The C-Suite

What if these engaging, colorful products make it less likely that you or your advice will be ignored, either by a typical end user or an occupant of the C Suite?

Could positive experiences with physical products like these lessen employee or executive indifference?

How The Cybersecurity Industry Benefits From Physical Infosec Products

☑️ New Employee Welcome Kit
☑️ Teaching infosec concepts during trainings or workshops
☑️ Gifts for prospective or existing customers
☑️ Conference swag
☑️ Cyber Recruiter Gift for candidates

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