Almost Half of Former Employees Say Their Passwords Still Work

Almost Half of Former Employees Say Their Passwords Still Work.

Is it really “hacking” if organizations fail to terminate password access after employees leave?

Two recent surveys of former employees indicate an alarming trend: Organizations are not properly off-boarding employees by terminating access to their employee accounts.

What did those former employees with continued access have to say?

➡️​ 58% said they were still able to use their former company’s passwords after they left.

➡️​ 33% said they’d been using those passwords for close to 2 years.

➡️​ 64% said they use their passwords to access their former email


➡️​ 44% said they use their passwords to access their former employer’s company data.

➡️​ 56% said they were accessing the accounts for personal use.

➡️​ 28% said they use their passwords to access paid tools and subscriptions.

➡️​ 10% said they were trying to disrupt company activities.

➡️​ 53% said they were using their access to harm their former employer.

➡️​ 44% said someone currently working at their former employer shared the passwords with them.

➡️​ 15% said they’ve been caught using passwords from their former employer.

☑️​ 74% of business leaders reported suffering damages from former employees who exploited their digital access.

It would appear that companies aren’t keeping up on password security if former employees are able to continue using passwords for this length of time, and the majority are not being caught.

It’s up to organizations to stop former employee access to their accounts.

What can a small business *do* about this?

💡​ How about incorporating a simple checklist into your Employee/Vendor Off-Boarding process? 

You can find examples of these online. Include a verifiable step for deactivating former employee or vendor accounts. Your future self will thank you!

If you’d like to read some hair-raising write-in comments from these survey respondents, check out the links below. But you might want to have some Rollaids or Tums nearby.

— Anthony Collette

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