Check out this really cool Faraday cage for your car keyfobs

How do you overcome cybercrime . . . with style?

There’s a growing concern about criminals copying the signals from your car keyfob, commonly called a “relay hack.” To overcome this problem, some people use Faraday bags. They’ll throw their keyfob in a (usually) black, signal-proof, flexible bag when they get home. That works extremely well, because it stops your wireless car keys from emitting a signal which is then boosted by car thieves.

Thinking about typical consumers — let’s say your Aunt Linda — she probably doesn’t want some unsightly Faraday bag on her foyer table. But she wouldn’t mind stashing her keyfobs inside a beautiful product that also solves a security problem.

Duku Design, a design and prototyping firm in the UK, developed an awesome version of a Faraday bag — except it’s round, solid and beautiful. The idea here is that consumers don’t want to be thought of as being weird or odd. But they do want to solve their problems.

Why not work with human nature instead of against it?​

People like beautiful things. So, let’s make our solutions beautiful.

Currently in the prototype stage, DFLEKT isn’t available for sale yet.

➡️​ Would you consider this as a gift for someone in your family?

➡️​ Would this be a positive way to start a conversation about security?

➡️​ Would a beautiful product like this make it easier to interest your significant other in cybersecurity?

Link to the DFLEKT page on DUKU’s website:

— Anthony Collette

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