Cybersecurity Is A Form Of Wealth™

Beyond simply being “rich,” what does it mean to possess Wealth?

In previous decades, Wealth was typically thought of as the tangible and intangible assets owned by an individual or family, minus whatever debt was required to build or acquire those assets. While still true today, there’s been a significant shift in thinking in recent years.

We associate the “rich” with:

➡ Luxury consumer brands

➡ Extravagant cars

➡ Sprawling estates

But all these can be misleading indicators, covering a vast sinkhole of debt.

Younger generations have a far more expansive view of Wealth, which includes:

☑ An abundance of what we truly value

☑ Robust physical, mental and spiritual health

☑ Deep knowledge about how the World truly works

☑ Status

☑ Influence

☑ Meaningful professional and personal relationships

☑ Enjoying experiences with loved ones, leading to joyful memories

☑ Freedom from stress

☑ Independence

☑ Flexibility

☑ Doing what makes you happy

☑ Building a legacy for those you love

☑ Having a home you own outright

☑ A profound sense of contentment

☑ Education

☑ Self improvement

☑ Access to the best things and experiences the World has to offer

☑ A long-term, generational worldview

Our modern society has radically shifted to an almost complete dependency on the Internet, as the World has become ever more interconnected. This dependence is understandable, considering the fantastic benefits the online revolution has delivered.

But there are people in the World who abuse that interconnectedness; criminals who attack our reliance on the Internet. Drained bank accounts, hospitals that turn away patients, cities that can’t provide services, court systems and police departments temporarily shut down — all because criminal hackers attacked vulnerable systems.

This is the underside of our modern dependence on the Internet.

The simple truth is this: there are people in the World who are thrilled to steal, hack and attack from a safe distance, over the Internet, from locations which render them immune to prosecution.

This means it’s up to us, individually, to protect what we’ve earned.

The ability to safeguard yourself personally on the Internet — Cybersecurity Savvy — is not evenly distributed in the general public or among business people.

Many of us are living below the cybersecurity poverty line, and don’t even know it.

Are you among the “haves” or the “have nots”?

Is this particular knowledge something you possess?

If not, is it worth acquiring?

☑ You have the power to make yourself safer online.

☑ You can become Brilliant At The Basics Of Cybersecurity.

☑ You can create a rock-solid foundation in this new area of expertise, and build up from there.

These modern concerns are real.

But so is the opportunity to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’ve learned what you can, and done what you can, to make yourself safer online.

You deserve to keep what you’ve earned.

— Anthony Collette

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