Cyber Fortune Cookies™

Fun and Practical Cyber Fortunes In Every Cookie

Each cookie contains a “cyber fortune” linking fun with practical cybersecurity insights.

They’re fun, unexpected, and memorable.

And most importantly – they’ll make convention attendees want to linger at your booth!

Available starting August 1, 2024.

Exhibiting at Conventions?

During 25 hours of conversations in Exhibitor Halls at cybersecurity events, cyber vendors shared their concerns.

Here’s what we heard come up again and again:

  • They’re spending a small fortune to exhibit at conferences.
  • They’re anxious about achieving a solid Return on Investment (ROI).
  • They’re concerned that all the vendors look/sound alike.
  • They wonder how they can stand out, get noticed, make an impression.
  • They’re done with tired, old swag that winds up in a landfill.
  • They’re starting to ask “Who really needs another imprinted pen?”
  • They’d rather offer a small, micro-experience, rather than another ‘thing’
  • They want the right visitors to linger at their booths long enough for something good to happen.
  • They want to know how they can make a warm, human association with their brand.
  • They don’t want to carry boxes of bulky, heavy swag back home with them after the event.
  • They’d prefer to use cybersecurity themed products at their booths.

That’s Why We Made Cyber Fortune Cookies – So You Can Stand Out At Events

Fun & Memorable

Engage visitors with a unique micro-experience.


Foster genuine connections, ensuring visitors linger longer.


Easy to distribute, with no bulky swag to carry home.

Where Do Cyber Fortune Cookies™ Come From?

We partner with a U.S. manufacturer of custom fortune cookies.

For 24 years they’ve been using 21st century technology combined with creativity and a serious dedication to quality.

They’ve produced custom fortune cookies for FedEx and Mr. Rogers, Magic Johnson and Jackie Chan, Martha Stewart and even Oprah.

Hotels in Las Vegas like the Venetian and the Bellagio have used their cookies as special promotions, and the exclusive W Hotels placed their fortune cookies on guests’ pillows as part of their turndown service. So Cyber Fortune Cookies™ are in good company!

How Would I Display Cyber Fortune Cookies™ At A Conference?

We provide a reusable 11″x17″ Tabletop Banner with a foldable stand.

The cookies themselves can be placed directly on the table or in a large bowl.

You can also raffle a GIANT Cyber Fortune Cookie™ — these weigh over a pound, and have a foot-long cyber fortune inside.

What Is The Cost?

$30: Reusable 11″x17″ Tabletop Banner w/Stand

$.75: Each individually wrapped Cyber Fortune Cookie™

$50: Each GIANT Cyber Fortune Cookie™ (these are so large and impressive, they each weigh a full pound!)

$2: Laptop Stickers, each 3″ x 3.5″

$8: Enamel Pins, each 1.5″ tall

What About Customization Of The Messages Inside?

Cyber Fortune Cookies™ / Technical Batch v1.0 are perfectly suited for a technical, conference-attending audience.

We’re also working on a less technical “Basics Batch” designed for use at less cyber-aware business conferences or events. These are also perfect for awareness programs.

With 4-6 weeks advance notice, it’s possible to create brand-specific messages, or to customize exterior colors of the GIANT Cyber Fortune Cookies™.

Please note that because of the stresses of shipping, the GIANT cookies are only available in chocolate covered versions.

Would You Like To Know More?

It would be great fun speaking with you about your upcoming conference or cyber event.

If you’d like to see a 2-page flyer for Cyber Fortune Cookies™, we’d be happy to send a PDF for your review.

Anthony Collette

Loistava Information Security

Cyber Fortune Cookies™ is a trademark of Loistava, LLC

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