How Scary Is The Internet?

What response would you get if you asked 1,004 people — ages 13-77 from the U.S. and Canada — about their online security concerns and practices?

Malwarebytes did exactly that this past summer.

What did they find?

Big fears. Little action.

A full 79% of people are very concerned about online privacy and security risks.

But some of the biggest concerns — including hacked financial accounts, personal data theft, and identity fraud — have led to disappointingly few precautions.

➡️ Only 35% of people use antivirus software
➡️ Only 24% of people use multifactor authentication
➡️ Only 15% of people use a password manager
➡️ Only 13% of people use an identity theft protection service

Care to hazard a guess about how many people reuse one or a few passwords across all their online accounts?

➡️ 65% (Ouch!)

Everyone’s afraid of the internet. That may sound like an overstatement, but the research validates this fear and shows that our online behaviors (or lack thereof) are often at odds with ensuring our safety. It’s clear through the research that there is a critical need for education on how to protect ourselves in an ever-evolving online world.

Check out the survey results to discover:

❓ What % of parents or partners monitor/spy on their kids/spouse . . . for safety reasons?

❓ What % of the general public has simply given up? They’re unsure how cybersecurity tools can help protect them, highlighting a critical need for educaton.

Malwarebytes Survey Report:

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