Mastodon — How To Make People Feel Welcome When They Arrive

The last quarter of 2022 saw a mass exodus of information security folks from Twitter to Mastodon, many of them joining the instance, Infosec.Exchange. Before the exodus, the instance had 180 active accounts. After all the dust settled, over 60,000 accounts had been created. Currently, there are about 18,000 active accounts — all posting, following, boosting and engaging at Infosec.Exchange.

Will Mastodon become a 1:1 replacement for Twitter/X? I don’t know enough about social media to even hazard a guess. But there are now over 15,000,000 accounts.

Could Mastodon become a viable alternative to Twitter/X? For many people, that’s already happened.

Knowing basically nothing about social media, I wondered what I could do — if anything — to contribute to the comfortable atmosphere on Mastodon and to help make all the new folks (myself included) feel welcome in this new and slightly different environment.

Welcome Videos:

I created 31 very short videos — a different one each day, welcoming new people to Mastodon and Infosec.Exchange, and encouraging them to post, follow, boost and engage. It didn’t cost anything to make these short clips, and it was a lot of fun. There’s an example below of one of the newest. Each day these videos appear and welcome the new folks to the instance.

Quote Of The Day:

Gotta admit that reading about all the breaches, leaks and other security failures was a bit of a downer, and I looked for positive quotes to balance the negative news. So every day I post a different quote that’s meant to be fuel for conversation and food for thought.

Signs Of The Times:

In order to keep things light, I’ve also found a bunch of silly, goofy signs, and post one each day, just for fun. There’s always a story behind every sign.

As a service to the denizens of Infosec.Exchange and the greater Fediverse, all of these posts include exactly the same hashtags. Folks who want to see these posts can search and find them easily; people who have seen enough can easily filter them out of their timeline.

Frankly, all of this is great fun, and I’ve totally enjoyed creating these and interacting with folks on Mastodon.

Is it some big contribution? No. But even if what you can do is as small as a seed, it’s still worth doing.

The video is an extra special edition, from

The Flame Reactor combines and recombines fractal flames in an ever-growing flock.

Sort of like Spirograph on steroids!

This is Kchapk, child of Balinsky and Lafton.

If you’d like to see our Introduction post on Mastodon:

Clicking on the profile name should show you all the recent posts, including the short Welcome Videos, Quote of the Day, and Signs of the Times.

— Anthony Collette

[Note: Fractal Welcome goes here.]

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