My Smelly Friend, Kevin

All through high school, our crowd had a running joke about our friend, Kevin.

Smart, funny, sociable, even-tempered and well-liked.

Kevin was always well-dressed . . . “put together” we used to say. It’s not like he massively overdressed, or (ugh!) wore a bow-tie. He was always just *slightly* overdressed, but in a good way. Years of taking classes together, we never once saw him slouching around like so many of the rest of us.

The running joke? Our friend Kevin . . . smelled.

We could walk into a classroom, get a whiff of his high-quality cologne, and laugh that we must have just missed him because we could smell him. Or rather his awesome, signature fragrance. We’re not talking about some nasty Axe body spray — oh heck no. Kevy bought the *good* stuff.

For some people, their reputation precedes them. For Kevin, his cologne left a distinctive trail everywhere he went.

The only way Kevin could be stealthy was to not wear cologne.

So how can we be stealthy online? We’ve put our whole lives online now, and need to do what we can to protect ourselves.

One thing we can do is use a Modern Password on every online account.

A Modern Password is different for every site. It’s composed of 14 or more characters: upper-case, lower-case, numbers and special characters. No dictionary words and nothing that is specific to you, the website or the industry the website is associated with. No sports team names, no family or pet names, no birthdays or anniversaries — basically nothing specific about you or your interests.

If the bad guys find and analyze one of your passwords, they shouldn’t find anything that relates to you. Absolutely nothing personal — not a hint of you, not even the slightest whiff of you.

Like a deserted ghost town in an old spaghetti western . . . the bad guys should find nothing but tumbleweeds blowing in the wind.

All the bad guys should see is a random string of letters, numbers and special characters. Using a high-quality password manager makes this extremely easy.

Don’t let your digital cologne betray you.

Be stealthy!

PS: The picture isn’t really Kevin, but you get the idea!

— Anthony Collette

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