Passwords Aren’t Going Anywhere

From Roger Grimes:

“I thought passwords would have been a thing of the past a decade ago. I think I wrote my first “Passwords Are Going Away” article in the early 1990s. I wrote my second one in the early 2000s. I now no longer write that article and I chuckle whenever I see someone else write it. Today, I think passwords may be with us another decade, if not forever. Why?

Well, for all the problems with passwords (e.g., overshared and often stolen), they work fairly well in many scenarios. Yes, they do get hacked and stolen all the time, but everyone, from a young child to a senior citizen, knows how to use them. You cannot say that for any other authentication mechanism. Show me any MFA method and I will show you a non-minor percentage of business-educated adults who cannot operate it.”

Here’s a link to Roger’s blogpost about passwords and different types of multi-factor authentication:

— Anthony Collette

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