Physical Cybersecurity Products In Every Home, Every School and Every Business.

How do we get typical consumers interested in staying safe online?

How do we move the needle on the adoption of cybersecurity best practices?

How do we communicate infosec concepts to people in ways other than simply presenting or lecturing?

Is there a possibility we haven’t tried yet, that might be successful?

What can most typical consumers do?

These are the questions my partner and I are interested in exploring.

We founded a consumer product development practice in the Seattle area, called Loistava Information Security. We design, manufacture and market physical information security products for the non-technical consumer.

These physical products — designed for wide distribution — are fun, colorful, creative, engaging and interesting.

We aren’t engineers, but we understand consumers and the fact that it’s difficult for many of them to adopt digital security tools.

Who We Are

I work for the largest Institutional Review Board (IRB) in the U.S. IRBs review and oversee medical research. So far we’ve reviewed over 1,000 COVID-19 research studies, conducted at more than 12,000 locations. I’m a consent form editor, which means I analyze complex medical documents, synthesize the central concepts, and then translate the technical jargon into relatable language for the research participant. It’s been quite an experience participating in the fight against COVID-19. I’ll be forever grateful I got to play a part in finding solutions. Years ago, I used to live in Finland, and still have friends and a forever spot in my heart for that beautiful country.

My partner in this project, Trever Garrison, has over 20 years of experience buying, sourcing, designing and developing exclusive consumer products for national retailers. If you’ve shopped at Dillards, JCPenney, Chico’s, Nordstrom, or Sur La Table, and you bought one of their private label products, there’s a chance Trever had a hand in creating it. Often these private-label brands and products generated more revenue and exceeded goals and expectations of national and designer-branded products. Currently Trever serves as a Merchandise Development Manager developing consumer products at Fans LOVE products featuring their favorite Pokémon characters. You don’t need a Master Ball to capture their attention!

Previous Success In Product Development

Why take us seriously? While at JCPenney, Trever’s innovations and consumer product development acumen led to growing consumer product programs to $100M in sales per year. After that success, JCPenney tasked him with developing another program, which he grew by 20% to $400M in annual sales without a massive national advertising budget. Each of these consumer product programs included just one narrowly defined product category. All of these private label products competed quite well with national brands in the same physical space, even though the national brands were heavily advertised. These products connected with consumers because they recognized them as the solution to their concern.

Long story short — this wouldn’t be the first time we’ve taken an unlikely product and pushed it to success.

Products We’re Developing

We at Loistava are developing physical information security products in 4 areas:

1.) CASTALOT™ Dice to create strong passwords for online accounts.

Roll dice, get passwords like d0@$11^q243#rT.

1Password, one of the world’s top password manager companies, explains on its blog that this style of password is the strongest, most secure option they offer. And technical folks who crack passwords for a living point out that a completely random password is the hardest to crack.

2.) GhentWare — an updated, modern version of DiceWare to help secure endpoints like cellphones, desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, and to secure Password Managers.

3.) Products which introduce the public to the idea of cybersecurity as a potential career path.

4.) A modern reimagining of an information security product from our distant past which might have a part to play in securing the content of messaging when endpoint security is a concern.

Information Security For The Masses

If you want to know our thinking related to what most typical consumers should do — Information Security for the Masses — follow this link to our website:

Social Media Activity

Over the last few months, we’ve been placing ads for GhentWare™ on Facebook, Google Ads and various newsletters, connecting with typical consumers with an interest in staying safe online. This is helping us build an audience big enough to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Why GhentWare™

But you might wonder — why make GhentWare™ in the first place? Is it really the best way to stay secure online?

In short, yes!

🇺🇸 In the US, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) says the best approach for the greatest percentage of the population is to use DiceWare passphrases to lock their devices, and to secure their password managers.

🇬🇧 In England, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) advises consumers to use three random words for online account passwords.

🇦🇺 In Australia, their National Cyber Security Centre tells consumers “passwords are passé — passphrases are longer and stronger” and points their citizens directly to the EFF’s DiceWare “long list,” the exact list contained in our modern, updated version of this technology, GhentWare™.

Why is DiceWare a perfect fit for typical consumers?

☑️ DiceWare actually works — extremely well.

☑️ It’s easy to understand.

☑️ It’s extremely easy to use.

☑️ DiceWare is easy to teach and easy to share with friends, family, clients and co-workers.

☑️ And most importantly — DiceWare is easy for a typical consumer to use correctly.

So our goal at Loistava for 2023 and beyond is simple: make DiceWare engaging and fun, to encourage the adoption of cybersecurity best practices.

In doing this, we’re aiming to amplify EFF’s messaging to the general public and introduce more people to the basics of online security. Since no consumer would be harmed by following EFF’s guidance, we believe this message deserves a much wider audience.

The simplified landing page for this project is:

This page on our website provides far more detail:

How Would The Cybersecurity Industry Benefit From Physical Infosec Products?

☑️ New Employee Welcome Kit

☑️ Teaching infosec concepts during trainings or workshops

☑️ Gifts for prospective or existing customers

☑️ Conference swag

☑️ Cyber Recruiter Gift for candidates

What about people trying to break into the cybersecurity job market, who lack experience on their resume? Why not do pro bono work in your local community, using physical infosec products as a way to spice up your presentations and workshops?

We’d Love To Connect

If you’d like to hear more about where we’re heading, it would be awesome to connect. We want to learn more about the challenges you encounter while helping people stay safe online.

Have an awesome week!

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