Store Passwords In Your Browser?

Robert Herjavec of Shark Tank recommends storing your passwords in your browser.

In May of 2023, the Shark Tank star appeared on Good Morning America and urged millions of viewers to use the built-in password manager of their favorite browser.

Herjavec is also the CEO of Cyderes — a leading, global cybersecurity services provider.

He gives this advice at 3:11 into the video below, and provides an explanation and follow-up at 4:44.

Is this good advice to give typical consumers?

What’s your thinking about Mr. Herjavec’s advice?

How likely are typical users to be negatively impacted by storing their passwords in their browser?

Various researchers including Britton White have provided evidence of browser attacks in the wild which completely circumvent protections designed into the built-in password managers in Windows and Apple computers.

Should we think of this as nudging consumer behavior along a spectrum, from bad >> better >> best? Some think using the built-in Password Manager is better than reusing the same/similar password across multiple online sites.

Good Morning America link:

— Anthony Collette

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