That’s Just Plain Creepy!

Mozilla’s Annual Consumer Creep-O-Meter distills what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s just plain creepy in the world of consumer tech.

Since 2017, Mozilla has published 15 editions of *Privacy Not Included, their consumer tech buyers guide. They’ve reviewed over 500 gadgets, apps, cars, and more, assessing their security features, what data they collect, and who they share that data with.

Looking back over their findings of the past five years, it quickly becomes clear that products and companies are collecting more personal data than ever before — and then using that information in shady ways.

💪 Which products are getting more secure, but less private?

🎉 Which products and services are the clear winners?

🚫 Or obvious losers?

Determine your Digital Privacy Footprint with Mozilla’s product quiz.

Mozilla’s first-ever Annual Consumer Creep-O-Meter:

— Anthony Collette

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