The World’s Strongest Password™

Is available absolutely free

With one click of the mouse in a high-quality Password Manager.

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1Password — one of the most respected Password Manager companies on the planet, provides a list on their website showing the strength of various password styles, from least secure to most secure.

And the winner?

“Smart Passwords” composed of 19 randomly-chosen upper-case letters, lower-case letters, numbers and special characters were the most secure. Password researchers call these “4-class passwords” since they’re composed of 4 classes (or types) of characters.

You can think of these ultra-strong passwords as modern passwords, because their growing popularity is a modern dynamic related to the increasing use of Password Managers, which create millions of them every day.

These types of passwords are best suited for use when you don’t need to memorize the password, and you don’t need to frequently type it. These outrageously strong, modern passwords can be written down and securely stored, or typed just once then stored in your Password Manager.

David J. Malan, teaching Harvard’s Intro to Computer Science class, talks about choosing something “pretty random” from those four classes of characters, and shows how the math works.

This Modern Password is so strong — so hard to guess by humans or computers — that both you and your would-be hacker are more likely to die of old age before the hacker guesses your password.

Over 5,000,000 people have already taken the course from Harvard.


The era of memorizing passwords in bulk to log in to online accounts is over. We’re now squarely in the era of the Password Manager, an elegant and amazingly effective solution.

Password Managers create long, truly complex passwords composed of random characters that look like r8:W3=7uU0VpcS; impossible to remember but — that’s the point. Correctly using a high-quality Password Manager means typical consumers are:

Free from the chore of thinking up passwords.

Free from the burden of memorizing passwords.

Free from the worry of forgetting passwords.

Free from the bother of typing passwords.

Free from the hassle of frequently resetting passwords.

By correctly using a Password Manager, consumers don’t even need to know what their passwords are, which can be a huge relief.

It’s 2024. The World has changed. We live in modern times, so let’s use Modern Passwords.

For the lawfolk: There is no endorsement — of any kind — between ourselves and 1Password or Harvard. I doubt those two organizations even know we exist! In this blogpost we’re talking about ideas, not physical products.

Part 2 Coming Tomorrow . . . Why Make Physical Cybersecurity Products?

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— Anthony Collette

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