What About Password Managers?

If we asked 3,000 random adults in the US, UK and Canada if they use password managers, how many would say . . . “I do”?

The National Cybersecurity Alliance in association with CybSafe issued their latest survey results — “Oh, Behave! The Annual Cybersecurity Attitudes and Behaviors Report | 2022

“Behavior. It’s the most tumultuous variable in cybersecurity. So, for the second time in two years we went out and asked some real, living, breathing humans about how they behave on the internet or when using tech. We’re pleased to present these findings in our Annual Cybersecurity Attitudes and Behaviors Report 2022 or, as it’s known ‘round here, (best Austin Powers’ impressions at the ready) the “Oh, Behave!” report.”

7% of adults in this survey said they use a password manager application.

But . . . 6% of adults in this survey said they save passwords in their browser.

What do we make of that? Does this mean online adults don’t know that when they save passwords in their browser, they’re using a built-in password manager?

Certainly the major browsers have sophisticated password managers built in.

Is this a messaging opportunity?

Can we somehow reframe the messaging around built-in password managers in a way that would be productive?

You never know what people will say when you ask them a question. A whopping 22% in the “Oh, Behave!” survey said they simply remember their passwords without writing them down, or using any other method for remembering them. Considering the average consumer has 100+ online accounts, that’s a Herculean feat. At the very least, that answer’s gotta raise at least one Spock eyebrow.

The “Oh, Behave!” report is fascinating, since it shows how members of the general public respond to questions when asked how they define sensitive online accounts, what sort of access to cybersecurity training they have, how that training has impacted them, whether they’ve been the victims of cybercrime, etc.

It’s always valuable to know what people are thinking.


— Anthony Collette

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